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Japanese Puzzles

Japanese Puzzles, also known as Nonograms, Paint by Numbers, or Japanese Crosswords, are popular puzzles in which square cells are painted to get a picture. In each of the vertical or horizontal rows there are some numbers that indicate the lengths of the painted sections. There should be at least one blank cell between the neighboring painted cells.

To paint the cells drag the mouse over them. While dragging your mouse, hints will pop-up under the cursor. The hint consists of two numbers showing how many cells in the vertical and horizontal lines there are in the painted section.
 You can also remove the paint by dragging the mouse. To clear all the cells in the chosen line, click on this line in the number-cells section.

You can use blue to paint the cells when you are not sure whether they should be painted or not. Later you can either clear out all the blue cells or paint them black.

In order to complete the puzzle it's enough to paint correct cells in black. The program doesn't take into account those marked by dots and the blue ones.

Buttons layout:

Japanese Puzzles: save board saving the current position;
Japanese Puzzles: restore board restoring the last saved position;
Japanese Puzzles: clear board clearing all the cells;
Japanese Puzzles: check solve checking the correctness of your choice. Click here when you think that you have solved the puzzle;
Japanese Puzzles: paint black put the cursor on this button to paint the cells black;
Japanese Puzzles: mark empty put the cursor on this button to mark the empty cells with dots;
Japanese Puzzles: paint blue put the cursor on this button to paint the cells blue;
Japanese Puzzles: clear black clearing all the black cells;
Japanese Puzzles: clear empty clearing all the cells marked with dots;
Japanese Puzzles: clear blue clearing all the blue cells;
Japanese Puzzles: blue to black coloring all the blue cells in black.

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