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The idea of the game is to fill one or more horizontal line with the falling pieces. Do it as quickly as possible to get the highest score.
You can control the pieces by rotating them through 3 axes in space and steering them to the left or to the right. Click on "Options" to see the control keys, or to alter them.

The pieces fall freely from the top of the pit, until they hit another piece or the bottom of the pit, as in tetris. However, should the piece hit a block of its own color, this block will crumble, and the piece continues to fall until it hits the bottom of the pit, or blocks of a different color. When it has landed, the current points will be added to your score and a new piece will appear at the top of the screen.
Whenever a horizontal line is filled completely, it will vanish, and the remaining blocks above it will fall down a level. Once the top of the pit is reached, the game is over!

Every 60 pieces the game speed is increased and the piece points are doubled. The point value of the current piece is shown at the "Curr. points" line.

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