Wasting Time

The Flash Game Addiction

Everybody loves a good Flash game. You may play them on your home computer when you should be doing your homework, cleaning, or writing the next great American novel. You may play them on your smart phone during business meetings or while your in the bathroom (that's how I beat Angry Birds). Or you may even visit us while you're at the office and should be hard at work. One way or another these games always seem to get to us. Here's a list of some of the more wildly addicting games available online.

A lot of the more popular flash games tend to be physics based puzzle games. These game may have you launch avians via sling shot at swine (like in Rovio's “Angry Birds”), throw darts at balloons (like in Ninja Kiwi's “Bloon”), or shoot arrows at targets.

Another Flash favorite are the Tower Defense games where you set up turrets along a path or maze in order to destroy an invading force. Over time you earn experience or currency of some form which you can use to upgrade your weapons and fortifications. Some of the more widely played of these include “Magic Defender”, “Army of Ages”, and “Kingdom Rush”.

Classic arcade games (such as Pacman and Pong), escape the room games (like CDX and Viridian Room) and action games (like Gunmaster Onslaught and Final Ninja) are also insanely addictive. As fun as these games are try not to get carried away by them and take a break to get some fresh air. A little vitamin D never hurt anyone...