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Aqualines v2.1 ($12, 9.95 Euro)

Aqualines German description.

Aqualines is an action packed, yet thought provoking computer game. Your reaction times will improve and your thought processes sharpen each time you play.

The Aqualines screen resembles an aquarium containing coral, and various sea creatures. The creatures move from the top of the screen (aquarium) to the bottom along the branches of coral. You can alter the coral's formation to steer the creatures in a particular direction. Should some creatures settle at the bottom and form a row of 3 or more identical creatures then the row will disappear and your score will increase.

Your aim is to line up a row of 3 or more identical creatures. The longer the row the higher the score, so to rack em up and plan carefully to maximise your score. Only those creatures which have settled at the bottom of the aquarium count, so bear that in mind. Once a line of 3 or more has been formed, it will vanish and free up space for yet more creatures.

The game contains music, sound effects and photorealistic true color graphics. It works in full screen mode at 1024x768.

Aqualines is placed by SelectSoft Publishing (South San Francisco) on the CD-ROM 101 Greatest XP Games.

Download Aqualines 2.1 (710Kb)

Aqualines is shareware - which means you may download the game, install and play it, but some features will be unavailable.
 If you like Aqualines and wish to play with all available features - you must register.
 Registration costs $12 or 9.95 Euro - upon entering your registration code, all game features will be available.
 Register Aqualines now! (via RegNow, USA) - $12
 Register Aqualines now! (via ShareIt, Germany) - $12/9.95 EU, including VAT.
 You can pay in US Dollars, Euros and other currencies.

System requirements: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP, DirectX (comes pre-installed with Windows).


Rating: 4 cows on TUCOWS.
TUCOWS reviewer said: "Unique idea -- Great game!" 5 stars on SOFTPICKS

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