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Domino Dilemma v1.2 ($10, 8.3 Euro)

Domino Dilemma German description.

Domino Dilemma is a perplexing puzzle in which a set of dominoes will be laid out before you.There are 28 pieces with pips from 0-0 to 6-6. Easy? Unfortunately, the dominoes' outlines are not displayed, and it is your job to work out the correct positioning of each domino.

On the second game level you have numerals instead of dots. This makes the puzzle more difficult since the 2, 3, and 6 squares could be linked with any of the 4 adjacent squares. The method of play is the same: first you should find the doubles i.e. 0-0, 1-1, ..., 6-6. You should also study the corner squares since they only have 2 possible partners.

The game contains music, sound effects and true color graphics. It works in full screen mode at 800x600.

 Download Domino Dilemma 1.2 (1Mb)

Domino Dilemma is shareware - which means you may download the game, install and play it, but some features will be unavailable.
 If you like Domino Dilemma and wish to play with all available features - you must register.
 Registration costs $10 or 8.30 Euro - upon entering your registration code, all game features will be available.
 Register Domino Dilemma now! (via RegNow, USA) - $10
 Register Domino Dilemma now! (via ShareIt, Germany) - $10/8.3 EU, including VAT.
 You can pay in US Dollars, Euros and other currencies.

System requirements: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP, DirectX (comes pre-installed with Windows).

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