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Puzzles.COM - the world's best resource for puzzling on the Internet - is about Puzzles, Illusions, Tricks, Toys, and everything around all these Great, Funny, Entertaining, Intellectual and Educational Things.

Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles. An encyclopedic collection of K12 articles, problems, puzzles, fallacies, magic, more than 800 of which are accompanied by interactive Java applets. is a web part of a puzzle-book-web project entitled Age of Puzzles. The project makes a comprehensive mosaic of puzzles created by different people in different time and at different places. It's a Colorful Journey through Endless Patterns of Quick Wits!

Puzzle It is the enthusiastic and growing website of Dr. Florian Radut, and you can read it in either Romanian or English. Many of Florian's own inventions as Puzzles, Games, Mobile Content and TV Formats are shown, as well as links to the top puzzle sites in the world and a series of contests. - Free download Computer-Games of Puzzle, Kids, Word, Arcade, Action and much more.

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