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Six-Trix v3.1 (freeware $0/0 Euro)

Download Six-Trix (1.5 Mb)

Six-Trix German description.
 Download German version of Six-Trix

Six-Trix comprises three original tetris-style games based around pieces made up of six blocks. The pieces can be rotated through 3 axes in space.

The idea of game 1 is to fill horizontal lines with the blocks, as in tetris, but the rules are somewhat more complex: a piece's color is also important.
 In game 2, pieces are multicolored, and when you drop a piece, adjacent blocks of the same color will disappear.

NEW!  Tetris Creator

Game 3 is similar to game 1, in that pieces are of a solid color, but the Tetris Creator clambers around the game pit. You will need to avoid crushing him with game pieces - or it will be Game Over!

Six-Trix's display is attractive, with a fun background and well-drawn DirectX action.
 Unique feature: you can watch a replay from saved files with these games.

The game contains music, sound effects and true color graphics. It works in full screen mode at 800x600.

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Now Six-Trix is freeware!
 Register Six-Trix now! (via RegNow, USA) - $14
 Register Six-Trix now! (via ShareIt, Germany) - $14/11.6 EU, including VAT.

System requirements: Windows 32/64, DirectX (comes pre-installed with Windows).


Rating: 5 Cows on TUKIDS! TUKIDS says: I simply love the interface; it's easy to use and kid friendly with bright and bold colors. I'm sure you'll love it, too! Check it out! Yippee Rating: 4!

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Connie 128430 Author 1208 (empty) ---
Connie 113128 Tony Gott 1060 (empty) ---
Connie 89986 Tony Gott 655 (empty) ---
Author 88842 (empty) ---- (empty) ---
You can download saved files with these games and watch replay! Extract this archive to subfolder SAVE of folder where you have installed the game, then use Replay command in the main menu of game.
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