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Six-Trix on flash! The best Tetris-style game.


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Downloadable Games

Six-Trix v3.1 (freeware $0/0 Euro)


Six-Trix German description.
 Download Six-Trix German version.
 Six-Trix on flash! (Only Game 1.)

Six-Trix comprises three original tetris-style games based around pieces made up of six blocks. The pieces can be rotated through 3 axes in space.

The idea of game 1 is to fill horizontal lines with the blocks, as in tetris, but the rules are somewhat more complex: a piece's color is also important.
 In game 2, pieces are multicolored, and when you drop a piece, adjacent blocks of the same color will disappear.  Game 3 is similar to game 1, in that pieces are of a solid color, but the Tetris Creator clambers around the game pit.

Six-Trix's display is attractive, with a fun background and well-drawn DirectX action.
 Unique feature: you can watch a replay from saved files with these games.


Rating: 5 Cows on TUKIDS! TUKIDS says: I simply love the interface; it's easy to use and kid friendly with bright and bold colors. I'm sure you'll love it, too! Check it out! and more awards...

GameIntellect Specials: Register Six-Trix + CycleMan together and save 20% off purchase. Click here!

Six-Trix page Download Purchase

Aqualines v2.1 ($12, 9.95 Euro)


Aqualines German description.

Aqualines is an action packed, yet thought provoking computer game. Your reaction times will improve and your thought processes sharpen each time you play.

The Aqualines screen resembles an aquarium containing coral, and various sea creatures. The creatures move from the top of the screen (aquarium) to the bottom along the branches of coral. You can alter the coral's formation to steer the creatures in a particular direction. Should some creatures settle at the bottom and form a row of 3 or more identical creatures then the row will disappear and your score will increase.

Your aim is to line up a row of 3 or more identical creatures. The longer the row the higher the score, so to rack em up and plan carefully to maximise your score :). Only those creatures which have settled at the bottom of the aquarium count, so bear that in mind. Once a line of 3 or more has been formed, it will vanish and free up space for yet more creatures.

The game contains music, sound effects and photorealistic true color graphics. It works in full screen mode at 1024x768.

Aqualines is placed by SelectSoft Publishing (South San Francisco) on the CD-ROM 101 Greatest XP Games.


Rating: 4 cows on TUCOWS.
TUCOWS reviewer said: "Unique idea -- Great game!" 5 stars on SOFTPICKS

Aqualines page Download Purchase

CycleMan v4.0 ($12, 9.95 Euro)


CycleMan is a combination of three original arcade games: Revolve Pipes, Bind Blocks, and Pipe Genius.

Build closed loops by rotating tiles (Revolve Pipes) or connecting blocks (Bind Blocks)! Pipe Genius will improve your perception and test your planning skills.

This game makes a great coffee break diversion and is suitable for kids.


Rating: 5 Cows on TUCOWS!
TUCOWS says: "...Great puzzle games tend to be addictive, and I haven't found too many that are better than this [game]." and more awards...

CycleMan page Download Purchase

Online Flash Games

Japanese Puzzles

Japanese Puzzles, also known as Nonograms, Paint by Numbers, or Japanese Crosswords, are popular puzzles in which square cells are painted to get a picture. In each of the vertical or horizontal rows there are some numbers that indicate the lengths of the painted sections. There should be at least one blank cell between the neighboring painted cells.

1st Pack Play!


CycleMan (Game1: Revolve Pipes) Your aim is to gain the highest score possible by removing complete circuits of pipes. You do this by rotating the pieces of pipe, hence creating circuits. Water will appear in the pipes, to show you how you're doing.

If you make a complete circuit, then those pieces of pipe will disappear and your score will increase. The greater the number of squares in your circuit, and the higher the game speed, the more points you will get. Complicated large circuits means mega points! Go for it!


Express Maze

The Express Maze is an entertaining problem; the point of which is to search for the only correct route on the square field filled with obstacles. Three kinds of obstacles, in cells, indicate some parts of the route. In order to find your way completely, you'll have to think on your feet, because each time you will need to analyze new situations to choose the correct turn.


Alphabetic Maze

In the 64 cells of the 8x8 square, all the letters of the alphabet and numbers from 1 to 7 are displayed. The game is to make your way from the letter A, in the top left corner, to the number 7, in the bottom right corner. Your path should run through 33 cells, which contain the alphabet from A up to Z and numbers 1 to 7. The path must not cross itself. You can pass from cell to cell through their sides. There is only one correct path.



SquareWord puzzle is played on a square which is divided into cells with words written in them. The size of the play area varies from 5x5 up to 7x7 cells depending on the level. Most of the cells are empty to begin with. The task is to fill the empty cells with the available letters, so that in each vertical and horizontal row, and on the two big diagonals of the square, the letters are different.


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